Winfried Küffner
Winfried KüffnerOwner/Chef
Winfried was born and raised in Cologne, Germany. From a young age his passion was always food and so it was to no ones surprise when he started his apprenticeship as chef in the world famous Dom Hotel in Cologne.
Andrea Küffner
Andrea KüffnerOwner/Accounting
Andrea was born and raised in Gaggenau, a small town in the Black Forest Germany. Andrea was trained as a “Hotelfachfrau” at the very distinguished Hotel Bühlerhöhe near Baden-Baden.
Peter Demetz
Peter DemetzOwner/Marketing
Peter is Andrea’s brother and in charge of our marketing department. Additionally he also runs his own Web Design Company – Creative Solutions.
Yvonne Demetz
Yvonne DemetzOwner/Service
Yvonne was born and raised in Gernsbach, truly an authentic Black Forest town. Her experience as a salesperson is very valued by her family and her warm welcome makes every guest feel right at home.