The History

Black Forest - German Restaurant La Cruz

The Black Forest Restaurant at his current location was founded by Peter & Yvonne Demetz, initially under the name “Papasito’s Restaurant” in 1998.

A Year later (in 1999), Peter’s sister Andrea and her husband Winfried joined them and shortly after the Restaurant was renamed to “Black Forest Restaurant” to better reflect the origins of the owners and the fusion of modern and classic German cuisine it offers.

Before migrating to Mexico all four of them lived in the Schwarzwald region in the southwest of Germany. This mountainous region in the state of Baden Württemberg is most famous for theSchwarzwälder Kirschtorte“, the “Schwarzwälder Schinken” and most importantly the “Kuckucksuhr“. The literal English translation for Schwarzwald is “Black Forest” although in context with the true meaning in German “Dark Forest” would be more appropriate.

Now with over 20 Years in the business we are proud to look back and see the many content guests we had and the long lasting friendships that developed over all these years. When we arrived here in Mexico we would never have thought that this would be such an wonderful experience for us and for that we are truly grateful.

Meet the Owners

Winfried Küffner


Winfried was born and raised in Cologne, Germany. From a young age his passion was always food and so it was to no ones surprise when he started his apprenticeship as chef in the world famous Dom Hotel in Cologne.

Andrea Küffner


Andrea is Winfried’s wife and was born and raised in Gaggenau, a small town in the Black Forest Germany. Andrea was trained as a “Hotelfachfrau” at the very distinguished Hotel Bühlerhöhe near Baden-Baden.

Yvonne Demetz


Yvonne was born and raised in Gernsbach, truly an authentic Black Forest town. Her experience as a salesperson is very valued by her family and her warm welcome makes every guest feel right at home.

Peter Demetz


Peter is Andrea’s brother and Yvonne’s husband. He is in charge of our marketing department. Additionally he also runs his own Web Design Company – Creative Solutions.