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First let me tell you that there is no such thing as a “German” potato salad. Now there is my mom’s potato salad, my grandmother’s potato salad, my mother-in-law’s potato salad, my aunt Uschi’s potato salad (by far the best, if I might add my personal view), our neighbor’s potato salad.

They are all Germans hence – “German” potato Salad. I think you get the idea. All of the above mentioned potato salads are different, most of them are really delicious. Just think about how many different households there are in Germany and you have about a figure of how many different styles of so called German Potato Salad you might encounter.

Some serve it warm, others prefer to let it rest for a while so that the vinaigrette can infuse the potatoes with the unique taste. Few serve it with mayonnaise, but most Chefs prefer the vinaigrette.

Now here is now the recipe that we use in our Restaurant. It is good for about 2 kg of potato salad, if you like to have less salad, adjust the recipe accordingly.

This salad can be served lukewarm, but the longer the dressing can infuse the potatoes the better the salad will be.

This is a Black Forest Restaurant original Recipe. If you like to use this recipe commercially or distribute it, please contact us for our permission.